Small selection of publicly known clients

In Today’s competitive world, Innovation and leading the field is our ability to achieve results! Dreams & Magic Ltd Production house has the finest creative minds of tomorrow, our workstations, the programs we use, the sound studio and the render farms we have are Israel’s most advanced and allows us to work in the tightest of schedules , while still keeping  the high quality of work our clients have come to expect. Dreams & Magic Ltd is a well respected provider of the Ministry of Defense, Elbit system group, Rafael, and more...

Amongst our clients are also: Keshet, Reshet (Channel 2, the biggest commercial TV networks in Israel), Netvision (Internet provider), Israel broadcast channel, Matar Productions, Talit Productions, Globus Group, The sraeli Navy, Optimum group, Ness advanced technologies, Euro-Maoz, The Israeli Export Institute, Lavazza Israel, Frontline and more.

Recomendation on linked in:
“Roee established and runs Deams & Magics company for some years. We at Optimum Group evaluated his work and achievements and foud him suitable to join our operations in the fields of Audio Visual creative production. Roee is a pleaset guy to work with, reliable and capable partner and supplier.” March 1, 2010



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